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Stain Removal

Fabric Stain Protection Services


Camelback Carpet Cleaning offers Nationwide Professional Fabric Spray, Fabric Protection and Furniture Protection Services. We also offer do-it-yourself stain prevention and removal products for carpet, fabrics, upholstery, leather and more!

Our advanced fabric stain protection formula chemically bonds with the fabric creating permanent fabric protection and furniture protection against spills, stains, soiling and fading associated with pet stains, grass stains, blood stains, food and beverage and other stains.

CAMELBACK CARPET CLEANING, Inc. offers the ultimate in on-site fabric care nationwide, with Stain Removal, Fabric Protection, Furniture Protection and Maintenance Cleaning of fine upholstery, carpet, exotic rugs, leather and suede.

Our Stain Free Protective Fabric Spray is also available in convenient fabric spray bottles for easy do-it-yourself application.

Superior to Scotch Guard